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    Invisible Hand, Regulation or Self-Governance – A Trilemma

    While technology is seen to offer a rare opportunity to address intractable problems, it is also seen as replacing jobs and in the long run (once the point of Singularity is crossed) acting on its own potentially to the detriment of humankind.  What is perhaps missing is the discussion on how we could minimise the adverse impact of expeditious innovation, particularly in healthcare, education, and finance. Data privacy related discussion, arising from FB conduct, though now mainstream, was late in asking specific questions. This experience, however, provides an opportunity to become proactively more engaged and deliberate on the innovations in the healthcare, education and finance.

    1. What are our options?
    2. What are the questions that consumers should ask to mark out good “innovations” from the “bad ones”?
    3. Do leaders and employees realistically have a role to influence expeditious innovation for the better?
    4. Where, when and how should consumer choice play a role in influencing the use of technology and innovations? 

    The background paper on the topic is available @

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