Fellowship Awards

Our fellowship awards programme is part of our effort at supporting scholarship in higher education.

Our current programme provides financial and faculty assistance to social-science doctoral students whose research is aligned with our purpose. Our faculty assistance award involves mentoring a research student by our panel of research volunteers.

We invite doctoral students to submit their request for fellowship for consideration Fellowship Awards Committee.

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We will hold annual seminars for students whose research was nominated for the fellowship awards programme, including those whose work was awarded the fellowship. The nominations would be received through the doctoral programme office of the Institution, where the students are registered for their doctoral work.

Fellowship Awards Committee (FAC)

S Ramnarayan

Yogi Sriram

Ravi Anshuman

Nirupam Sahay

Current Fellowships

Satyanarayana Vangala Award for Research in Public Policy Choices

Savitri Devi Award for Research in Individual and Family Choices (Girl Students)

Timeline for 2018 Awards

Submission of Research Proposal: September 30, 2018

Review of Research Proposal by FAC: October-November 30, 2018

Announcement of Award Grant: December 15, 2018

Awards Seminar: March 14, 2019

Invitation for Institution of Awards by Individual Donors

We invite individuals to contribute to our effort of supporting scholarship in higher education by instituting an award to honour a member of family, teacher or anyone else who has played an important role in their life. Fellowship awards are offered annually to students whose research work is aligned to IASCC’s purpose.

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