The Growth Paradox: Resolution through Change in ‘Frames for Choices’

2nd IASCC-XLRI Leadership Conclave
November 19-20, 2019 at Ballroom, Novotel, HICC Complex,
Hyderabad, India

Agenda Outline 

A. Economics and Finance

  • Economic Choices: Standard of Living and Cost of Living as the Frame

  • Characterising the Current Situation: Indian and the Global Economy

  • Frame for Economic Development in Rural India

  • Social Infrastructure: Healthcare and Medical Education

  • Financing to deal with Risk and Uncertainty

 B. Organisation and Leadership

  • Building Blocks for the Organisation of Future: Risk, Value and Pricing for Value, Trust and Technology

  • Leadership in States of Transition

  • Redesigning Compensation and Incentive Structures for Responsible Leadership

C. Organisation Strategy

  • Choice of Growth Strategy: Building Trust and Leveraging Technology

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