I have been in the Healthcare Industry for more than 35 years. I have built a broad knowledge of clinical care pathways and the underlying commercial requirements to sustain the advancing treatments in acute healthcare & address the ever-increasing expectations of growing healthcare sectors across Asia Pacific & Globally.

Initially, my interest was typically in the fundamental clinical sense, specifically in the application of medical device innovations that improve treatment outcomes and improve quality of life for many patients.However, more recently my primary focus has been commercially oriented & to understand the relationships of the treatment options, the willingness to pay and the commercial constraints faced by healthcare providers and/or policy makers. I have witnessed many industry changes, such as the evolving tension between the clinician & the commercial structure. Therefore, I have a distinct perspective on how clinical options have been created, modified and managed to balance the healthcare needs of individuals with limited community resources.

My broad understanding of expanding acute healthcare needs and adapting medical device solutions has led me to develop programs to build organisational capabilities in managing total solutions for healthcare (product & services as Customer Solutions). These training concepts focus on how value is created, delivered and communicated in ways that amplify the end-user’s perceptions of the real benefits. Value must be matched to the customer’s specific needs in such a way that will increase the customer’s responsiveness to make better informed choices on product and procedure.

My desire is to continue to influence organisational ability to change their value delivery in line with the market dynamics. True value delivery can allow the customers to gain access to continuously improved outcomes and the policy makers to respond to community needs in a timely manner. I am passionate about the organisation’s ability to realise ‘value’ based solutions and match them to the customer needs, thus leading to superior customer experience & improved business outcomes.