Anujayesh Krishna is a practicing manager in the field of Human Resources for the last 24 years in United Kingdom and India.  In the recent past, his focus and responsibilities have been in the areas of the Reward and Regulatory Governance, applicable to reward in financial services.

He has worked in different industries like Consumer Products, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical and Financial Services.  He has experience in HR change management and restructuring, mergers & acquisitions (from HR perspective), reward strategy and making HR function effective and relevant.

Anujayesh has a keen interest in sharing industry experience and teaching management students. He has taught for three years a course on Advanced Compensation & Benefits via Skye to MBA students at Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (India). He has a deep interest in issues like impact of technology on organizations and society, making organizations relevant to societal goals, and evolution of different organizational designs in response to fast and unpredictable changes in broader economic parameters.

Prior to joining industry, Anujayesh completed his Fellow Programme in Management (equivalent to Doctorate in Management) from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India.